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Restoration, one adjustment at a time.

Welcome Home, Wichita

Our vision is to create and support a vibrantly alive, well-adjusted Wichita. We are team doctors who are traveling our own healing, happiness journey. We are spouses and parents doing the best we can to build and nurture vibrantly alive families and homes. We are a Chiropractic team relentlessly, whole-heartedly dedicated to serving YOU and your family— to help you heal and feel and love your very best!

Our Doctors

People with a purpose


“After my baby gets adjusted, I hand him off [to the staff] and then I get adjusted. It’s just a comfortable atmosphere and everyone is smiling. There’s nothing to be scared or nervous about because from my head to my toes–it helps. It helps my moods and not just me, my kids too, there’s such a difference."


"My boys are thrilled to go to The Lighthouse and asked to come here often and they love seeing Dr. Devin and Dr. Hali. They're just so kind. You're treated like family. It's very obvious that they care deeply about what they do and the patients that they see."

Brittany Jo

“Dr. Devin and the LightHouse were such a huge, important piece in the treatment of two of our daughters as infants. Thanks to them, we re-gained happy, healthy babies instead of babies that were  discomfort that led them to be unhappy. I couldn’t recommend their whole team more!"

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"The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body."

~Dr. BJ Palmer~


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